The CARES Act funding in South Carolina has entered an urgent stage, where it needs to be allocated and spent in the next 3-8 weeks. Large buckets of funding remain available across a variety of grant opportunities in the K-12 education, healthcare, public safety, and state and local government sectors. If you’ve considered Chromebooks, tablets, or smartphones for remote learning, telehealth, social distancing, situational awareness, and working from home, CARES funding can potentially fund these projects. However, it can be challenging to figure out what funding opportunities are available, how to access them, and how they can be used to fund your mobility-enabled projects. Beyond the CARES Act, there’s also a variety of other federal, state, and foundation grants that can support a wide range of mobility-friendly initiatives across South Carolina, particularly in response to the COVID crisis.

Join grants professionals from Grants Office and special guests from Samsung for a fireside chat about the South Carolina funding that is available to support mobility-powered initiatives and updates from the front lines on how this technology is transforming public sector services.

If you’re looking to take advantage of CARES funding to develop or expand a mobility project in 2021, you won’t want to miss this event!


Swati Patel


Chamber Foundation

Todd Maxwell

Government Solutions

Diane Ashby

National Sales Manager, Education

Phil Han

Healthcare Solutions

Chris Barnes

Grants Development Consultant
Grants Office, LLC

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