The Coronavirus Pandemic hit healthcare providers especially hard as they had to simultaneously deal with increased and expensive safety protocols and declining revenue as elective surgeries were canceled and demand for non-COVID health services declined. The strain was particularly acute for the IT operations at health care facilities as providers had to quickly reorganize to support a remote workforce and deliver care via telemedicine technology.

As part of the federal response, $178 billion in stimulus funds has been allocated to help providers deal with these operating deficits. The funds can be used to support healthcare-related pandemic expenses as well as to replace lost revenue. Many providers were reluctant to spend these funds because of changing guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The good news is that the latest stimulus package signed into law on December 27, 2020 codified many of these regulations and give providers added flexibility in how they can spend these federal dollars.

Join Grants Office and Okta as we explore the HHS Provider Relief Fund and other sources of funding that can be used to support your pressing IT initiatives. We will discuss best practices for maximizing these funding opportunities to optimize your IT apparatus to function in an ongoing pandemic and a future healthcare landscape that will be forever changed.


Michael Paddock

Grants Office, LLC

Chris LaPage

Senior Grants Development Consultant
Grants Office, LLC

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