The entrepreneurial spirit is thriving among individuals across Europe, including young adults of all genders. There has been a notable increase in the number of entrepreneurs under 25, with a significant rise in business launches compared to just five years ago. Despite this positive trend, there remains ample opportunity for further growth and development. Out of approximately 400,000 startups established last year, only a quarter were led by women.

Acknowledging this gap, numerous organizations are taking steps to support and empower all entrepreneurs, regardless of gender. They provide essential resources such as access to venture capital funding, mentorship programs, and grants. Moreover, the EU actively promotes inclusivity by encouraging entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to apply for startup funding opportunities, ensuring equitable access to resources.

Come join our panel of Grants Office funding experts as they delve into the top funding opportunities available to entrepreneurs across Europe, with a special focus on the UK, Germany, and France. Each panelist will shed light on the priorities of local grantmakers and offer invaluable insights on how to make your proposal stand out in these key regions. This is an invaluable chance to tap into public funding programs for your new business venture, irrespective of gender or background. Don't miss out on unlocking the potential of these resources!


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