Are you looking for ways to improve safety, sustainability, and emergency preparedness in your school, non-profit, or government building? Join us for this webinar to learn about how Window Films from NGS can help you achieve these goals and secure grant funding to make it happen.

In this session, we'll showcase the grant programs available that could support Window Films from NGS in different settings, whether you’re looking to protect your building against forced entry, and ballistic attacks, make your building more energy efficient and reduce energy cost, or prevent glass fragmentation caused by emergency situations, such as earthquakes and natural disasters.

You'll hear from experts on how to identify grant opportunities for your specific needs, prepare a competitive grant application, and leverage the benefits of Window Films from NGS to maximize your chances of success.

This webinar is designed for K12 administrators and facilities management, non-profit organizations, such as houses of worship, and local government officials who want to create a safer, more efficient, and resilient environment for their community. Whether you're new to window film or have already considered it as an option, you'll gain valuable insights and resources to support your grant-seeking efforts.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how Window Films from NGS can be a game changer for your organization's safety, sustainability, and emergency preparedness. Register now and secure your spot!

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