In a world characterized by the explosion of the Internet of Things (IOT), public sector agencies are being asked to make investments in technology that can increase safety, increase efficiency, streamline processes, and improve services for their target customers, whether they be constituents, students, or passengers. The application of IOT is limitless across the public sector. IOT can be used by school systems to monitor and improve the safety of students and employees. State and local governments and transit agencies are also leveraging IOT to develop interconnected transportation systems that serve as the backbone for the creation of smart cities and communities.

For many public agencies that have limited financial resources, making investments in IOT is secondary to maintaining personnel to meet the most basic needs of the citizens and students they serve. However, investing in IOT can serve as a multiplier in efficiency that cannot be achieved by the addition of personnel. And fortunately, there are many grants available to school districts, institutions of higher education, state and local governments, public safety entities, transit agencies, and utility companies to deploy IOT-enabled projects to improve the overall safety, sustainability, and efficiency of their operations.

Join Grants Office and special guests from Samsara to learn about the grant funding landscape for IOT-enabled projects in the public sector. In addition to information on specific funding programs and IOT solutions, participants will receive tips and discover best practices for securing the grant funding they need for their project.

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