The rise in cyberattacks against critical infrastructure affects consumers, government agencies, and institutions. Compromised critical infrastructure can risk public safety and service availability for citizens. Risks such as public transit service outages, contaminated water supplies, disabled emergency communication systems, and even life-threatening power outages can lead to societal chaos and even potential loss of life.

As public services modernize, more internet-of-things (IoT) devices connect to the network improving efficiency while also broadening the attack surface increasing the risk of cyberattack. Keeping citizen services available and safe from attack requires funding to improve cybersecurity. How do you prioritize security among other competing initiatives?

Grant funding is the answer. There are several traditional grants and stimulus funds available to protect critical infrastructure. As smart cities become more prevalent and systems become interconnected, these investments are necessary across all sectors. Whether you operate transit systems, ports, energy grids, 911 and public safety communications, or public water facilities, you can leverage grants to make necessary investments in cybersecurity.

Join Grants Office and special guests from Fortinet to learn about funding resources for critical infrastructure. Our panel of grant and cyber security experts will share best grant options and tips to secure funding, as well as best practices around implementing these projects. If your organization operates or accesses critical infrastructure systems, you will not want to miss this information event!

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