As travel rebounds from the depths of the pandemic, major transportation hubs (TransHubs) have returned to full operations. TransHubs, such as airports, seaports, rail stations, and bus stations, are both looking to accommodate this increase in passenger travel and develop ways to improve the travel experience for their customers. One key improvement TransHubs are making is shifting to digital operations, which allows them to not only create a frictionless passenger experience, but also improves travelers’ health and safety. But investing in these digital technologies, and the connectivity services that power them, can sometimes be expensive. Fortunately, there are a variety of grant funding opportunities available for TransHubs to invest in these digital technologies, including new funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Join CommScope Ruckus and Grants Office, LLC, as we discuss connectivity funding for TransHubs. We’ll cover available and upcoming grant opportunities, eligible projects, as well as strategies to get “grant ready.” If your TransHub is looking to improve their customers’ digital experience, you won’t want to miss this event!


Thierry Chau

Vice President, Global Market Development

Erica Perkins

Business Development Manager
Lead Program Manager, Funding Support
CommScope Ruckus

Chris Barnes

Senior Grants Development Consultant
Grants Office, LLC

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