Data science tools and techniques are critical to many fields and demand for data scientists continues to grow. Schools strive to meet this need through the development of data science modules, courses, and degree programs. At the same time, researchers across many fields also increasingly utilize data science tools to answer critical questions in their fields of interest. Education and research organizations need funding to innovate and meet the needs of their students and researchers.

Join Grants Office, HP, AMD, and Microsoft as we review the funding landscape for data science-rich education and research. We will also discuss ways to justify data science tools as part of a comprehensive project and tips for building a competitive application. If your organization is interested in data science education or facilitating data science-rich research, you won’t want to miss this event!


Jeff Chen

Head of Higher Education Solutions
HP WW Education
HP Inc.

Michael Paddock

Grants Office

Dr. Liz Shay

Senior Grants Development Consultant
Grants Office

Marianne Ellis

Program Manager
HP Grants Support Program

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