Building research capacity is a major interest of many institutes of higher education. Most research funding is focused on individual researchers and their specific projects. However, infrastructure and instrumentation needs, such as those for high-performance computing (HPC), often go well beyond a single project. Institutions should focus on meeting these needs to provide opportunities to build their research capacity and provide research-related education opportunities.

Join Lenovo and Grants Office, LLC as we review the funding for HPC and research infrastructure. We’ll cover the most popular funding agencies and grant programs and tips for developing competitive applications. If you are interested in building your institution’s HPC capabilities and its research capacity, you won’t want to miss this event!


Francois Corradino

Director of HPC and AI Sales for North America

Dr. Liz Shay

Senior Grants Development Consultant
Grants Office

Sydney Stapleton

Grants Development Consultant
Grants Office

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