Each year the federal government distributes approximately $500 billion in grant funding through 26 grant-making agencies. Further, many of these grant funds can be leveraged by public sector organizations to purchase technologies that will enable their mission-driven efforts. Interested in learning more about what to expect for these technology-friendly monies on the horizon?

Join Grants Office, HP, AMD, and Microsoft as we review the federal funding landscape and current funding trends in 2022. Discover the top federal agencies offering grants for K-12, higher education, and government entities, and what types of projects these funders will prioritize for support. We’ll even provide tips for sorting through the grant funding landscape to determine the best-fit grant for your needs.

As a special thank you, after the event, you’ll receive our exclusive whitepaper covering this year’s funding trends and how you can make the most of available grant opportunities to support your next technology-rich project.


Dr. Liz Shay

Senior Grants Development Consultant
Grants Office, LLC

Dr. Chris Barnes

Senior Grants Development Consultant
Grants Office, LLC

Patrick Riedy

Grants Development Consultant
Grants Office, LLC

Marianne Ellis

Program Manager
HP Grants Support Program

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