Grant funding offered by the European Commission frequently requires partnerships in an effort to drive cohesion and collaboration between member states. The resulting opportunities allow for great synergies between public and private entities across Europe. But those partnerships bring with them a large set of challenges – not least of which being the act of crossing borders (and often languages) to initiate collaboration.

Join Gregory Clare, Grants Office’s lead funding consultant for the Netherlands, to explore the European funding landscape through the lens of partnerships. During this session, we’ll discuss the most common entry points for businesses and public institutions to begin engagement. We’ll also discuss how to highlight the benefits of these new partnerships in your upcoming grant proposal – illustrating to funders that the synergies built between your organizations will take the project to new, previously unimagined heights.  

If you’re interested in finding the perfect partner for your next grant application, then you won’t want to miss this collaborative and informative session!


Gregory Clare

Lead Grants Development Consultant for The Netherlands
Grants Office BV

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