April 7, 2020 at 2PM EDT

Congress has passed three bills in the past month, appropriating 2.4 trillion dollars to help states and local communities respond to the coronavirus pandemic and alleviate the severe economic distress that has come with it. Among the unemployment insurance benefits and checks to individuals are billions of dollars in grants for healthcare, education, and public safety. And most of these funds are intended to be distributed quickly.

Join the Grants Office team for an (admittedly wonky) analysis of the grant funding included in all three bills. We'll cover the parameters and amounts of new funding that will be available and discuss how these funds will be distributed across the public sector landscape.

As with the stimulus grants of 2008, preparation now can make the difference in getting the funding you need to meet your community's critical needs!

Meet the

Ashley Schultz

Grants Development Consultant,
Grants Office, LLC

Chris LaPage

Mgr. Research & Consultation,
Grants Office, LLC

Elizabeth Evans

Grants Development Consultant,
Grants Office, LLC

Michael Paddock

CEO, Grants Office, LLC

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