The launch and subsequent expansion of FirstNet in support of public safety has not only provided a robust network that first responders rely on for their day-to-day communications and data sharing needs, but it also helped articulate the unique requirements of the public safety community as a specialized group among communications customers. Now that FirstNet is a reality, and along with it, cutting edge devices that promise to expand the capacity and effectiveness of first responders, you may be wondering: how do I pay for it?

Join TJ Kennedy, former President of FirstNet and co-founder of the Public Safety Network, and Ashley Schultz, Grants Development Consultant at Grants Office, as we discuss trends and best practices in public safety technology that leverage the FirstNet network and public safety-related grants from a variety of federal agencies. We will also discuss how to effectively justify the inclusion of FirstNet-enabled equipment, network upgrades, consulting fees, and other infrastructure improvements into a grant budget. To conclude, we'll offer some general tips for writing a successful grant proposal to increase the likelihood your next project will stand out from the rest.

If you're looking to make your agency’s equipment FirstNet-ready in 2019, you definitely won't want to miss this fast-paced and informative grantscast!

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