Esports has a compounded annual growth rate of over 15% and will soon surpass half a billion audience members. With this level of popularity, colleges and universities are building their own esports programs. There are currently more than 180 varsity esports programs and many more club teams and curricular programs. However, the high-performance equipment needed to start esports programs can be expensive, resulting in many schools being unable to find sufficient funding.

Join HP, AMD, and Grants Office as we explore where the funding is (and isn’t) for esports. We examine some of the biggest challenges to finding external funding for collegiate esports initiatives and offer guidance on potential solutions. We’ll also cover how to position your project for success.

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Michael Paddock

Grants Office, LLC

Liz Shay, PhD

Grants Development Consultant
Grants Office, LLC

Marianne Ellis

Program Manager
HP Grants Support Program

Andy Thompson

AMD Marketing Manager, Gaming and Esports

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