Event Summary

The newest stimulus funding has created a greater opportunity for local governments to leverage technology – and in the wake of the pandemic, the need to transform the way we deliver services to residents is vital. Simply put, the urgency to use grants funding is palpable, and the sense of information overload is real.

We can help!

Please join experts from Grants Office, LLC and SHI for a review of the latest stimulus funding bill: understanding how these appropriations both expand and enhance past stimulus programs, and recognizing the annual funding that’s being distributed in the current fiscal year. We’ll also explore how technology can help make your agency more efficient and effective and how the SHI Grants Support Program can facilitate your funding process.

If you’re eager to capture every dollar available, you’ll want to attend this event!


Chris Barnes

Grants Development Consultant
Grants Office, LLC

Kiana Romeo

Government Affairs Manager

Lance Lorenz

Government Affairs Manager

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