From broadband and bridges to electric cars, climate change, cybersecurity, and smart cities, the recently passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill makes significant investments in critical U.S. systems. With such a broad scope and large price tag ($1.2 trillion), many people are left with more questions than answers:

• How much is available for each spending category (broadband, transit, airports, cybersecurity, etc)?

• When will funding begin to flow and how long will it last?

• How will the funds reach targeted recipients?

• What type of cost sharing or match funding is expected?

Join Grants Office as we answer these questions and so many more. We have turned over every page and analyzed the most relevant funding opportunities for your public sector infrastructure projects. Some money will begin flowing within 6 months so there is no time to waste in terms of understanding the details, developing your plans, and ensuring your organization is well positioned to secure funding.

If you are looking to leverage the new Infrastructure funding to deliver high impact and actionable content to your team and your community, you can now view this event replay and download the slides we presented!


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