Through its Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, the government has put the UK on course for industrial, infrastructure, and environmental transformation. The plan promises support for innovation in the energy and manufacturing sectors, as well as a fully green recovery from the pandemic. But who, in practice, can leverage this support? What kinds of projects does the government want the private sector to lead, and how do public sector bodies fit into the picture?

Central to the government’s strategy for implementing its Ten Point Plan is the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP), a packet of competitive funding schemes designed to support and accelerate innovation towards a zero-carbon future. These schemes are intended to provide opportunities for businesses—especially small and medium-sized companies—to experiment and take innovative risks while conducting crucial green R&D.

Join this session for insight into the NZIP and other related green funding opportunities (including capital funding)! We’ll be discussing the goals of these grants, as well as application and partnership strategy, and examples of successfully funded projects.

If you’re an innovator wondering whether your organisation could be part of the green industrial revolution, but you’ve not yet applied for funding, this session is for you!


William Bond

Grants Development Consultant
Grants Office

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