High performance computing (HPC) is enabling advanced research across disciplines, and for those researchers who depend on – and those institutions that share – high-end instrumentation to collect data, high end computing power is essential. But of course, all this technology needs to be funded as well. Federal grants, such as the High End Instrumentation Grant Program, Shared Instrumentation Grant Program, and Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (together providing more than $100 million in funding), support HPC-enabled research as well as broad university capacity.

Join Grants Office and Dell Technologies as we explore the funding landscape for university research initiatives and review some examples of universities that have successfully deployed these technologies as part of campus-wide research empowerment initiative. Everyone who registers for this event will also receive a PDF copy of Funding High Performance Computing to Drive High End Instrumentation-Driven Research, containing highlights of prominent grant programs and an overview of how these technologies are applied in a typical research context.


Michael Paddock

Grants Office, LLC

Liz Shay

Senior Grants Development Consultant
Grants Office, LLC

Stephen Sofhauser

Director HPC/AI Technical Computing Strategy

Dell Technologies

Dr. Thomas Cheatham

Professor in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry
University of Utah

Tom Raisor

HPC Solutions Specialist


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