January 30, 2020 at 2PM EDT

Rapidly advancing artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) tools are enabling end-users to make data-informed decisions in real time. One sector that is poised to transform data into actionable insights is academia. AI & ML opens the door for education entities to extract insights from their data silos to drive student performance and realize major breakthroughs in their research portfolios. Whether it is identifying students at-risk of falling out for early intervention, empower content discovery for course design and assessment, or enabling innovative research, the power of AI and ML is only limited by the funding required to procure the technology. The good news is there are many funding opportunities available to acquire AI & ML technology to enable innovative education and groundbreaking research projects.

Join Grants Office, special guests from Penn State, HP and NVIDIA as we explore exciting developments in how Institutions of Higher Education have leveraged AI & ML to enhance education outcomes and research discoveries, and highlight upcoming grant opportunities you may want to pursue.

Regardless of what stage your institution is at in terms of acquiring, developing and deploying AI & ML, you won’t want to miss this event!

Meet the

D. Benjamin Hellar, Ph.D.

R&D Engineer,
Penn State University

Drew C. Wham, Ph.D.

Data Scientist,
Penn State University

Jeff Chen

Head of Research Partnerships,
HP, Inc.

Elizabeth Evans

Grants Development Consultant,
Grants Office, LLC

You don't want to miss this event!