Grantmakers love innovation, and Charter Schools and Magnet Schools are among the nation’s premier testbeds of novel practices in educational service delivery. In addition to the grant programs specifically developed to support these educational institutions, charter and magnet schools are also well positioned to take the lead on a range of federal and state grant programs that seek to foster and develop promising practices in education. Further, technology often finds its way into funded programs and projects as an enabler and platform for the delivery of classroom instruction and a collection point for valuable data on student and teacher performance.

Join Grants Office and special guests from Microsoft and Connection Public Sector for a fast-paced review of the grants that charter and magnet schools can access, as well as tips for developing more competitive projects and applications in response to these funding opportunities . Whether you’re looking for funding to develop technology applications for your school, work with teachers to integrate technology into their instructional practices, or access technology for your own classroom, this session will give you the foundation you need to find and compete for grants from a wide variety of funders.

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