Cloud 101 for K-12 Education: Structure Your Cloud Strategy to Maximize Grant Funding

April 26, 2016

The world is changing fast, and K-12 schools are challenged to keep pace in preparing students for success in post-secondary education and future careers. To teach mandatory skills to students growing up in a wired world, schools must make innovative use of technology and facilitate interactive learning — anytime, anywhere.

Educational institutions are quickly discovering that the Cloud holds the key to a host of technology solutions that can accommodate the requirements of online learning, educational portals, standardized testing, BYOD, virtualization and other trends.

In this important Webcast, you'll learn from experts at NetApp - a leader in data management/storage in the public sector - how to structure your organization's cloud strategy to achieve maximum outcomes, while lowering administrative costs and ensuring cyber-security, student safety and privacy.

Plus, we bring in the leading authority on grants intelligence for the education community, Grants Office, to lay out the best game plan to maximize your opportunity to gain federal funding (from the Department of Education, National Science Foundation, Department of Labor or EPA) to support these technology initiatives.

Registration is required. Don’t let the opportunity pass for you to learn on behalf of the community you serve about the fundamentals of cloud computing and data management in the K-12 environment, along with expert guidance on tapping into available federal grants to help pay for it.

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